Our Rooms

The three bedrooms are unique, from the grandeur of the master bedroom, the glittering textured wallpaper in the guest bedroom to the dormitory style third bedroom, each with large four poster beds, chandeliers and exquisite pieces of European and African art.

The shower area in the guest bathroom is covered with black tiles and has a copper double shower. The second bathroom gives the full sense of being immersed in nature with its glass wall facing a thick, green wall of plants and has both indoor and outdoor shower.

There’s room to park three cars on the property and The Black House is conveniently located in Robertson. Pets are very welcome to share your stay.

Green Room

Sleeps: 2 Size: King Size Bed

Silver Room

Sleeps: 2 Number of Units: 1 Size: Queen Size Bed

Black Room

Sleeps: 3 Size: 3 - Three Quarter Beds